A More Organized and Usable Small Kitchen – Step 3: Inspiration

Great job so far! It is time to reward yourself for all of your hard work in the kitchen by having some fun and stepping up your search for inspiration and ideas. As with every project, keep in mind that you are looking for elements that you would like to have in your own space (either as you seem them or your own reinterpretation). Since this is more of an organization project than an decorating project, keep that in mind when looking around. I would recommend you look for:

  • Organizational tools that you like (whether its their look that attracts you or the function they serve)
  • Innovative space utilization ideas

Here are some things that I came across when looking for my own inspiration:

This stood out to me, but at first I wasn't sure why. I eventually realized that white = organized and clean to me.

I am always in need of extra counter space, and I loved this extra counter they used in between the kitchen and sink. I especially enjoyed the light and the mood of the room.

Who wouldn't want a pantry like this!? Again, I'm realizing I really like white when it comes to making a space feel organized and clean.

I like how you can easily see what is in this pantry space, both through the wire drawers and clear storage containers.

I hope that helps give you a start.


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