Flowers?! For Me?!!

Yesterday was Day 7 of Apartment Therapy’s 20/20 Home Cure. For Day 7, Maxwell revisits our assignment from Day 2 – Buy Flowers. While I absolutely love flowers and have a minor obsession with sunflowers in particular, I don’t typically use them in my home. My number one reason would be my Lola’s (my cat) attraction to water. Anything with water in it is intriguing to her and on her mission to get to it she usually knocks over the container and makes a huge mess. Since cleaning up messes frequently will take away from the joy of having fresh flowers, I have chosen to forgo this pleasure until I find a solution to my cat problem.

She may look like an adorable angel...

...but don't let her fool you. She can be a real troublemaker.

Keeping with the topic of flowers…don’t forget to enter to win a free arrangement, of your choosing, of coffee filter flowers. I’ve recently made a bouquet for a coworker as a thank you and she loved it. Here is another bouquet I have been working on.

This giveaway has up to three chances to win, so be sure to check it out.

Another giveaway opportunity for my readers in the Washington, DC metro area is a 1 hour consultation with The Artist’s Eye! Entry information can be found HERE.

The deadline for both giveaways is Friday, October 29th.

By the way – this is my 99th POST!


2 responses to “Flowers?! For Me?!!

  1. Ooooooeeee they came out gorgeous!!! What a lucky co worker you have:)

    Wouldn’t you know, my kitty’s name is Lola too! Well technically it’s Lolabelle Chaka-Khan The Glamor Cat, but Lola for short. And she has a water obsession. Loves to sit under the bathtub faucet at 3am yodeling until I dribble the faucet for her. NOT CUTE.

    Back to the flowers….they are really fabulous looking and I’m so glad you are spreading them around. It really made my day to see and read 🙂

    • What a crazy coincidence! I’m so thrilled you think the flowers look good – as you are clearly the queen of this talent. Thank you again for reading and for your great comments.

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