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Spread the holiday cheer!

I know I’ve still been a bit spotty in my web-world appearances.  I have been sure to keep my creative juices flowing and recently entered a contest on Olioboard.  I would LOVE it if you would vote for my holiday mood board!


Flowers?! For Me?!!

Yesterday was Day 7 of Apartment Therapy’s 20/20 Home Cure. For Day 7, Maxwell revisits our assignment from Day 2 – Buy Flowers. While I absolutely love flowers and have a minor obsession with sunflowers in particular, I don’t typically use them in my home. My number one reason would be my Lola’s (my cat) attraction to water. Anything with water in it is intriguing to her and on her mission to get to it she usually knocks over the container and makes a huge mess. Since cleaning up messes frequently will take away from the joy of having fresh flowers, I have chosen to forgo this pleasure until I find a solution to my cat problem.

She may look like an adorable angel...

...but don't let her fool you. She can be a real troublemaker.

Keeping with the topic of flowers…don’t forget to enter to win a free arrangement, of your choosing, of coffee filter flowers. I’ve recently made a bouquet for a coworker as a thank you and she loved it. Here is another bouquet I have been working on.

This giveaway has up to three chances to win, so be sure to check it out.

Another giveaway opportunity for my readers in the Washington, DC metro area is a 1 hour consultation with The Artist’s Eye! Entry information can be found HERE.

The deadline for both giveaways is Friday, October 29th.

By the way – this is my 99th POST!

Best Artificial and Affordable Flowers

In August, one of my favorite blogs – Design*Sponge – posted one of my favorite DIY projects.

These resourceful coffee filter flowers are the idea of Aunt Peaches. Recently I tried a relatively simple version of her coffee filter flowers to add some color and fun to my dining area.

Lola was in a very friendly mood so it was nearly impossible to get a photo without her being in it.

You can find a link to the Design*Sponge instructions via my Projects page.

To take this great idea a little further, I decided to make some flowers to use at my Halloween party. I’m pleased with how they turned out.

I would really encourage you to visit Aunt Peaches website for more amazing ways to make beautiful flowers from coffee filters.

Wishful Wednesday

I wish…

…I was in Germany this fall and had enjoyed Oktoberfest!

While I can’t be traveling the globe right now, Apartment Therapy offers some great ideas for decorating with maps. I really enjoy decorating with found objects from travels. While studying in Brussels, Belgium, I saved maps from the various cities I visited. Using some empty cans (from almonds, coffee, etc.), I made functional art with my own maps.

For a while, I also had some of these maps as a framed collage.

Lastly, I’m sure I have already shown you all my wall of art that I have collected on my travels. Each piece is unique and from a local artisan (not a gallery).

How do you incorporate your travels, domestic or international, into your own decor?

My craft for the week

It has been a beautiful week in D.C.!

Today’s post will be a bit short, as I’m going shopping for suits and whatnot for the new job. I thought I would share with you my craft project for the week. It’s a recipe book. I compiled all of the cookie recipes my mom has always made for Christmas.

Do you want one of these with your own recipes but don’t have time to make one? Fill out the contact form and let me know what you are looking for.

Have a great weekend!

Drum roll please…

Tada! My finished living room – post redecoration. As I am sure I have said before, I am completely in love with the new space. On Friday, I showed you the design board I pulled together while deciding how to redecorate my space. Now, you will finally get to see what my new space looks like!

What do you think?

In regards to budget, you can find the shopping list of everything in this space here. While this total seems high, most of these items were purchased before the redecoration. My redecoration purchases were most of the items under “Living Room Redecoration”; I was able to redecorate it for about $250. My most expensive purchase was the area rug and was well worth it. I got the rug for an amazing price; it is also very durable and really makes the space.

Now it is time for you to share your space redecorations! E-mail me photos of your space. They can be before and after or just the final space. If you are in the process of redecorating and want some tips, e-mail me those too!

Redecorating My Living Room – Design Dissection: Step 5

Now that I know what I am working with (Step 1), have gotten rid of any clutter (Step 2), found my design inspiration (Step 3) and had a great time shopping (Step 4), its time for me to share with you my final living room!

I am a very visual person, and for me to feel confident about my decisions I like to see them all together first. This helps me identify if there is something missing (ie. a color, feeling, not enough or too much of a style, etc.) or if something just doesn’t fit. Here is the design board I put together:

  1. It is almost embarrassing to admit, but in the 3+ years I have lived here I have not yet put up any sort of window treatments. While the vertical blinds already installed serve their practical purpose, I also think they make the space a bit less warm. With my relatively new sewing machine, I still seem to have quite the crafter’s bug; therefore, I clearly had to make my curtains. To be budget savvy, I purchased sheer curtains from World Market and modified them. I wanted the curtains to blend but still have a bit of style.
  2. As I have mentioned a few times, I recently made a slipcover for my futon. While this was less expensive than purchasing a new sleeper sofa or having a slipcover custom made, it wasn’t cheap. Therefore, this piece was staying pretty much as is. That helped to determine at least part of my color palette – brown.With the lighter brown used for the futon, I needed to bring in some richer colors to this piece. Being that the futon/couch is such a substantial portion of the space it was important to have a few more brown tones, particularly darker ones, included. I purchased a very inexpensive throw blanket from Marshall’s to do the trick.
  3. While I know it may be a bit taboo, in reality my TV is really the focus of this space. I already owned the TV and TV stand. The stand is on casters so that it can be turned towards my bed. To stay to a smaller budget, I kept this piece as is and decided to work to incorporate the lighter brown.
  4. The IKEA side table that I already owned (in birch) helps in tying in the lighter brown of my TV stand. I decided to keep the table lamp that I already owned since it could work with the pieces I had.
  5. You may recognize this chair in the photos of my living room. That’s because it’s the same chair that, in the design board, has only been modified in color via Photoshop. The old navy blue color just didn’t fit. I have purchased a brown slipcover for this chair in a brown darker than the futon to add darker browns to the space. This was a cost effective decision as I would have loved a new chair but just didn’t want to stretch the budget.
  6. I think that finding images of what you would like your space to look like or feel like is a step too often skipped. The importance of this was clear during my living room redecoration. As I was putting all of the pieces together, something was still missing. I referred to my binder full of print-outs and found that nearly every living room I loved had symmetry; more specifically, each of these spaces had two accent chairs. After purchasing a new desk chair from, I was able to use the old chair in my living room. What a difference it made!
  7. Possibly my favorite piece! This area rug is about 5 ft X 8 ft and will covers a much more substantial portion of my living space floor than my previous, very undersized, rug. My attempt with the smaller rug was to pull together the blue in the chair with the brown futon. I just don’t think this worked at all for various reasons. Long story short, this rug has various tones of brown and will really help to pull together the various pieces. The rug will also serve to help separate the living space from the other spaces in my apartment and I love the pattern.
  8. I have 2 of these ottomans and love them. They add additional seating and storage and the top allows for them to also serve as a coffee table of sorts. As you clearly see, these are not brown – they are black. Not a huge problem as they aren’t huge pieces and I have also pulled in some other black elements.
  9. To make the various tones of brown work, I needed to ensure that they were repeated in the space. The two solid dark brown pillows I already own and they will stay on the futon. The smaller rectangular pillow will go on the chair to add some lighter tones to it and give some contemporary style. The square pillow with circles will go on the futon/couch.
  10. There are a few things that either I couldn’t reasonably change or didn’t want to change. One of these is my artwork. As I have traveled abroad, I have purchased art from local artists in various countries and cities. These are very special to me and I have wanted them to take center stage to a degree in my decor.Being that these pieces of art are varying sizes and sometimes not standard sizes for U.S. frames, I purchased inexpensive black frames from IKEA and then had custom matting made in appropriate colors. This was much more affordable than having custom framing done for most of them. The black frames make the artwork all look as one composition, but the coordinating matting allows each piece to standout in its own way as they are all unique in style, medium, etc.

And there you have it – my redecorated living room. I absolutely love it!

Redecorating My Living Room – Design Dissection: Step 1

I hope that you all have enjoyed redecorating your space as I did! I’m just about done with my living room – The final step needs a little bit of help from my boyfriend. I love how my space has been transformed.

As I have with previous projects, I’, going to share with you how I made it to my wonderful final space!

My living room has been a constant work-in-progress. If you remember on of my earlier posts, I at first struggled with my small efficiency/studio looking like one big dorm room. Being that my futon is mobile so to speak, I first tackled that problem by making a slip-cover. While this definitely helped the situation, I still feel that this space has much more potential. Here are some photo of my living room space to remind you just what it looks like.

Step 1 of redecorating just about any space is “Inventory and Survey”.

First, I needed to take stock of what I was working with. Being on a budget, I need to work with most of what I have. Not so easy seeing as in my mind I want this space to look completely different when its done.

So there you have it – this is the inventory of my living room situation pre-redecoration. As you can see it doesn’t look like the prettiest, most stylish or cohesive little space.

Here is my apartment’s floor plan:

As you can see, I’m working with a pretty limited amount of space. Additionally, being that my apartment is an efficiency I will need to focus on defining my living room space.

To start, I identified specific problems with my living room that I would like to fix:

  1. How can I make my living space seem more like a living room? This is a problem I think most studio/efficiency dwellers face. While I embrace that it is all one big room, I still want to make various spaces seem separated and defined.
  2. I want to be just a little more grown up. I took care of the mobile appearance of my futon/couch, but still feel like this space has a just out of college feel. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just want to have a more sophisticated and pulled together look for this space in particular.
  3. How do I give it some sense of its own style? This is another problem that faces many studio dwellers and even those living in very small apartments. It can be challenging to give a particular room or space a defined style while trying to get the styles of other spaces and rooms to blend.

So many problems, such a small budget….

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

So… did it go? Did you enjoy your 5 Step room redecoration? What does your space look like now?

Any plans to redecorate another space?

Any obstacles you still need to overcome?

Please e-mail me photos of your spaces. I’d love to see what everyone has done and I always enjoy sharing ideas!

To be fair, here is a sneak peek at what I have done with my living room redecoration

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

So… did it go? Did you enjoy your 5 Step room redecoration? What does your space look like now?

Any plans to redecorate another space?

Any obstacles you still need to overcome?

Please e-mail me photos of your spaces. I’d love to see what everyone has done and I always enjoy sharing ideas!

To be fair, here is a sneak peek at what I have done with my living room redecoration

Design Dissection: My more organized and usable small kitchen (Part 2)

I’m so excited! I finally received all of my purchases and had some time to put everything into place last night. I love love love the result.

I already walked you through how I completed steps 1 thru 4 of my process. Here is what I did to complete the 5th and final step:

Step 5: Implement

In Part 1 of this Design Dissection, I mentioned to you my acquisition decisions and now you will get to see how I was able to utilize them to improve my very small kitchen space.

Starting with my entryway/kitchen closet and pantry:

  • I did not make any big purchases for the first half of this closet even though it looks completely different and is much more organized.
  • I had previously had a plastic drawer that I used for cleaning storage. Under the side table in my living room, I had two more plastic drawers that stacked together. By cleaning  out the two drawers under my side table, I not only got rid of many things I simply didn’t need or know I had, but I also created two more drawers to be used in my closet. I stacked all three next to the coat bag in the closet. The bottom drawer contained candles and air freshener in its old location, and since I kept some of these I simply kept them in the drawer when I moved it to the closet. The middle drawer was already in my closet and didn’t need any cleaning out. The top drawer I was now empty to use as needed! This turned into part of the storage for my plastic containers and serving dishes. While these drawers had been purchased years ago – you can still buy them at The Container Store and they are currently on sale for $16.99 each.
  • Remember all of those large containers and pans on top of my cabinets? They are no longer there. I have now stored them on top of the three stacked drawers so they are out of sight!
  • Being the frugalista that I am, I needed to find a way to use that three-tier hanging basket I purchased. One of my biggest storage frustrations is my plastic container storage. No matter how many times I have reorganized them they inevitably end up in a mess a few weeks later. I figured that the solution to this problem was more accessible and visible storage which was perfectly solved by the hanging baskets! The containers are easily visible to me when I need to find one, but still out of sight in the closet.
  • The top shelf of the left half of this closet didn’t need any real organizing this time around. A few months ago I had reorganized this shelf by using an expanding shelf that I already owned to make the space more functional. Using this shelf allowed me to better see and access the sandwich bags, garbage bags and what-not I had stored there. This shelf is also not factored into my budget, but you can still purchase it at The Container Store.
  • The other half of my closet is more for food storage. Here I already owner an ELFA organizer from The Container Store. This has been great addition storage for my pantry. As part of this project, I cleaned out the drawers and reorganized the space with my new storage purchases.
  • My favorite purchase for this project is the hanging shelf I bought for my pantry. This has allowed me to finally make use of the empty space above my ELFA unit and utilize the closet pole.
  • For the top shelf, I purchased a can dispenser. I also used many of the plastic storage containers I purchased to store my bulk items (ie. flour, pasta, sugar, etc.).
  • Lastly, I was stuck on how to best organize the many bottles on this shelf. My struggle has been finding a way to see and access all of them easily. My aha! moment (thanks to my best friend) was using the lazy suzan I had on my dining table for these bottles. I couldn’t have imagined a better solution!

Moving to the other half of my kitchen, I also reorganized my cabinets. I was thrilled at the amount of space I opened up through this project. Much of the space was not so much from discarding old or unwanted items but from simply better utilizing the space I had.

  • I have three cabinets above my stove and sink, as well as, two hard to reach cabinets above my refrigerator. The only item I purchased for this part of the project was an expandable tiered shelf for my spices.
  • For the cabinets below my counter-top, I had done much of this reorganizing earlier. One great idea to help contain the cleaning supplies under my sink was to use a plastic container. This not only contains them but also allows me to take the whole container out with everything I need for cleaning.

There you have it! My newly reorganized and much more usable small kitchen!

Design Dissection: My more organized and usable small kitchen (Part 1)

Steps 1 – 4:

Inventory: It was great to fully empty all of my closets and cabinets. I realized I had quite a few expired food items. I finally cleaned out my food storage containers and now have a top for every bottom. It was almost odd to see my closet and cabinets empty.

Cleaning: I actually really enjoy cleaning, so I am always up for making time for a thorough cleaning. I must say that now having everything out of the closet and cabinets there were definitely some corners that needed to see a vacuum. It was great to see my kitchen in tip-top shape.

Inspiration: Searching for inspiration for this project was a bit different from other redecorating projects I’ve done. I needed to find organizational inspiration. I sought to find pictures that explained: What does organization look like to me? I looked for photos of spaces that appeared uncluttered, easy to access and practical for my budget (we weren’t going to be building any amazing cabinets in my rental). Here are some of my findings:

Shopping: As you already know this is my favorite part! Fortunately, I had already made some attempts at organizing so I had a few things I could use, but I definitely needed to make some organizational investments as well. For me, I have realized that part of making a space feel organized is cohesiveness. Things need to seem to match for my mind to feel like they are organized. Since I already own a white Elfa storage unit from The Container Store, I kept with white for most of my other organizational items.

While taking inventory of my pantry and cabinets, I realized I had quite a few items that would be better stored in plastic containers than their original packaging, such as – flour, sugar, oatmeal, rice, pasta, crackers, chips, nuts, cat food, etc. (I already had storage containers for my cereal). I found some great Snapware containers that come in tons of sizes and considered how much storage I would need for each item.

Being that I have such limited reachable cabinet space, my one kitchen drawer and the cabinet I use for many of my cooking and baking utensils were very crowded. I realized that this was in large part because I owned many sets of measuring spoons and cups that were all over the place and hard to find. It is very hard for me to rationalize purchasing something when I already own something that does the same job; however, I finally broke down and bought some great space-saving measuring spoons, measuring cups and a colander. I also purchased three containers for my silverware which had previously all been dumped into one container and would take me a while to find the silverware I needed. For my upper cabinets, I found a great expandable shelf at The Container Store that would allow me to stack spices so that I could much more easily see where things were.

My last organizational obstacle was my closet/pantry. I already owned a shelf that I could use to create more usable and visible storage space. I realized, however, that it seemed there was a large amount of space between the shelf and my Elfa unit that was unused. Being a rental I couldn’t make any major shelf installations, so I decided that the best way to utilize this space would be to take advantage of the closet bar and buy some hanging storage items. I purchased a hanging shelf which I found by looking through clothing storage items. Lastly, I purchased a 3 tier hanging basket that I think I may hang outside of the closet from the ceiling.

So there you have it, and here I am waiting for the last of my purchases to arrive. I am waiting for the 2 hanging units and they are supposed to be delivered next Tuesday (7/27). Until then, I’m at a bit of a stand still with organizing.

Now that I have a clean and organized kitchen – how do I give it more color, or are the plates and posters I’ve added as part of my “entryway” makeover enough? What do you think?

Design Dissection: Entryway Vintage Makeover

Looking at the changes I made to my entryway/kitchen this weekend, I think I’m quite pleased.

What I love from the Entryway Vintage Makeover:

  • The price tag! I was able to do everything for under $50. My only new acquisition for this makeover was the poster order. The plates were already owned (along with the plate hangers), and for the door mat I simply switched the larger mat I had been using under the cat food dishes with the small door mat.
  • I was finally able to use something I had purchased for my “big girl home”. The Oneida Vintage Label plates have been moved from my bedroom at my parents’ house to storage in my apartment. It is wonderful to see them up on the walls.

To go back to the design elements that should be considered in an entryway:

  • Function. From the pictures I have posted thus far, the design elements addressing the functionality and organization of the entryway are not visible. The sliding closet to the left as you enter my apartment, serves two purposes – coat closet and pantry. I am a firm believer that everything needs a place and that like things should be kept together. Working in my limited space, I am able to keep item divided by function with some work. For the coat closet/pantry, I purchased a clothing storage bag from IKEA (I would share the link but I can’t seem to find it on their site). This keeps coats protected and in their own space. I use a hanger to keep umbrellas in one place and off the floor.
  • Style/Personality. I clearly went BIG with my theme/style for the entryway – Vintage. Since I am unable to paint the vintage posters and decorative plates served well to add color to the space. While the rest of my apartment is not nearly as overloaded with vintage items, I like that the entryway has such a strong and defined personality.
  • Lighting. This element is, in my opinion, one of the most important in any room. At the start of my apartment redecoration, I purchased an under-cabinet light. As a renter, I am unable to install nicer looking (and more effective) under-cabinet lighting. Wireless lighting options are the perfect solution to this.
  • Mirrors. There aren’t any mirrors in the space (as you can see). Being such a small and multi-functional space, I’m not sure if a mirror could work here. The only place I am considering is to mount a mirror on the back of the door. This would be a great last look-over before I leave the apartment, I’m just not sure if it will be too much….To Be Determined.
  • Artwork. There is clearly plenty of artwork in the space. The artwork is pulled together to appear better matched as a collection by its common vintage theme.
  • Door Mat. Not much to say here – I have one. It is nothing very colorful or fancy, but I think with all of the color in the art it is unnecessary.
  • Furniture. No room.
  • Organizers (an “In Box”). My “In Box” happens to be just outside of this space. I typically place my keys on top of the refrigerator, but as you can see in the photos above, all I had to do was add a serving bowl I had lying around to take away the cluttered look of keys and what-not lying on top of the refrigerator.

And there you have it. One entryway redecorated and ready to go…kind of. Being that in my apartment the entryway is also the kitchen there is still work to be done. Now we will move onto looking at organizing and decorating your kitchen.

Entryway Vintage Makeover

My vintage posters arrived yesterday and I went straight to work.

  1. As I had mentioned earlier, I covered each poster in clear contact paper. This gives them a bit more of a finished look. I also prefer it to the option of having them laminated because the matte finish of the clear contact paper preserves the vintage feeling as opposed to shiny laminate.
  2. I first lady out the posters on my closet door using “Blu-Tack”. [Blu-Tack is a reusable adhesive. It has a consistency similar to clay or play-dough.] This helped me to see how to best position the posters before finally adhering them to the closet doors.
  3. Once I had a lay-out that I liked, I used 3M to adhere the posters to the doors. As a renter, I chose 3M because it will not leave any adhesive residue on the surface and shouldn’t damage the posters when they are eventually removed. If you aren’t a renter you may decide to use something else.

Viola! My vintage poster project was complete in a matter of hours and it looks great.

Vintage Posters on Entryway/Kitchen Closet Doors

Being the weekend warrior that I often am, I didn’t stop there.

Despite skepticism from some friends, I have saved various mementos from my travels. What may seem like odd to many people are part of a future project for me. For example, while in Europe and around the States as well, I have collected numerous cardboard pub coasters. I tried to use these in addition to the posters, however, I think it the end it was too much – too much variety, too much of the ‘alcohol-theme’, just too much.

Continuing in my decorating groove, I was happy to realize that I had some decorative plates that I have simply had in storage that I could now use! Several years ago I bought to sets of 4 Oneida Vintage Label Collection plates and plate hangers. I used these plates to add color and style to smaller places such as the back-splash, above the entry way door, and on a small wall that faces the doorway.

Decorative plates on back-splash and wall facing the entryway door.

Decorative plates on back-splash.

Decorative plates on side wall facing entryway door.

Decorative plates above entryway door.

Decorative plates above entryway door - close-up.

My laundry list of ideas (and it keeps growing).

When this whole project started I knew I needed to decide what it was I wanted to change and what my budget was. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the best way for me to get ideas for what to do with my apartment was looking online for ideas and inspiration. My problem, however, is that I am constantly seeing new things that I like. Here is my list of projects thus far:

  • Futon Slip-cover – DONE
  • Overall purge of clutter – DONE
  • Finishing my art wall – DONE
  • Covering the back of my bookshelf – DONE
  • Sheer draping around my bed – DONE
  • Make my bathroom more presentable
  • Bed skirt to hide the storage under my bed
  • Give more warmth/color to my living space
  • Find a way to make my small cluttered closet feel uncluttered
  • Look for a way to give some sort of design/style to my kitchen

As for my completed projects, I already showed you the fabulous work I did with my futon slip-cover (my first sewing project ever). Here are the details for the other completed projects:

  • Overall purge of clutter: Not much to explain here. I finally let go of my clothes that were two sizes, or more, too big and I haven’t worn in years. I got rid of ‘things’ I was holding onto for some unknown reason.
  • Finishing my art wall: I studied for a semester in Brussels, Belgium. While there I was lucky enough to travel to about 13 different countries. Whenever possible, I purchased art from a local artist. Most of my art were odd sizes (thanks Europe) and so they needed custom frames and/or matting. After having blank walls for about a year and a half I finally decided to spend the money. More importantly, perhaps, I figured out a way to unify all of my very different pieces of art. I chose all black frames of different styles. To make the unique pieces stand-out, I had custom mats made in colors according to the artwork. I saved BIG on the frames (thanks IKEA) and custom mats are very reasonable. Here is the finished product:

  • Covering the back of my bookshelf: I originally bought my large bookshelf to help divide my living space from my bedroom space. It has worked wonderfully for that. My only problem is that the back of the bookshelf, facing the bed, is unfinished press-board. Being that this is a part of my apartment few people see or ever notice I found an extremely low-budget solution. I covered the back of the bookshelf with black contact paper and then, using clear contact paper, posted black and white photos. You can find more details on the Projects page.

  • Sheer draping around my bed: This project required a trip to home depot – and a very helpful boyfriend. I used the instructions I found through Apartment Therapy’s website on “How To: Hang Curtains Across Any Space”. The curtains have made the space more separated from the rest of my apartment and have given the bedroom space a much warmer feeling.

And now on to attack the rest of my list….

Why does this still feel like a dorm?

I’m pretty sure my dorm room was smaller than 450 sq ft yet I often feel I’m still living like a college kid. For example – my futon (courtesy of Ikea) has wheels. Not only is it a mobile, convertible piece of furniture, but its denim! OY! I think that has to be challenge #1.


  1. Buy new sofa (needs to be a sleeper sofa so that I can still have people over).
  2. Find a slipcover for my uniquely shaped IKEA futon
  3. Have a slipcover custom made
  4. Make my own custom slipcover

Option 1: NO. I’m a bit too cheap to seriously consider this. My imagination has no budget so I have certainly done some online window shopping and have come across some fabulous options but in the real world this isn’t gonna happen.

Option 2: HAHAHA! While IKEA furniture is wonderfully priced and my futon is surprisingly sturdy unless IKEA makes a slipcover I’m not gonna find one anywhere else (thank you my Swedish friends).

Option 3: If only I made more money this would be ideal. I’ve looked online and it seems a custom made slipcover will run me about $500 or so – out of my budget.

Option 4: By process of elimination this will have to be the one I figure out. Granted I have never ever sewn anything in my entire life (except for maybe a pillow in home economics). This will certainly be an interesting endeavor.

And “Option 4” it was. I acquired a refurbished sewing machine via, did some online research and Viola! I made a surprisingly impressive slipcover. What a difference it has made!

For more detailed information about how I made the futon slipcover, go to the Projects page.


This is my first post – how exciting!

Please take a look around. There isn’t much yet, but you can see some of the many projects I have done on the Portfolio page and learn a little more About Me.

I look forward to sharing decorating ideas, challenges and inspirations. If you have a particular topic you would like to discuss/address please post a comment.