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Random Question…

Know those famously inexpensive and popular IKEA pieces from the MALM and LACK series? Both series seem to have a similar finish. My question to you is – has anyone ever tried to paint one of these pieces before? If so – what suggestions do you have….


My laundry list of ideas (and it keeps growing).

When this whole project started I knew I needed to decide what it was I wanted to change and what my budget was. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the best way for me to get ideas for what to do with my apartment was looking online for ideas and inspiration. My problem, however, is that I am constantly seeing new things that I like. Here is my list of projects thus far:

  • Futon Slip-cover – DONE
  • Overall purge of clutter – DONE
  • Finishing my art wall – DONE
  • Covering the back of my bookshelf – DONE
  • Sheer draping around my bed – DONE
  • Make my bathroom more presentable
  • Bed skirt to hide the storage under my bed
  • Give more warmth/color to my living space
  • Find a way to make my small cluttered closet feel uncluttered
  • Look for a way to give some sort of design/style to my kitchen

As for my completed projects, I already showed you the fabulous work I did with my futon slip-cover (my first sewing project ever). Here are the details for the other completed projects:

  • Overall purge of clutter: Not much to explain here. I finally let go of my clothes that were two sizes, or more, too big and I haven’t worn in years. I got rid of ‘things’ I was holding onto for some unknown reason.
  • Finishing my art wall: I studied for a semester in Brussels, Belgium. While there I was lucky enough to travel to about 13 different countries. Whenever possible, I purchased art from a local artist. Most of my art were odd sizes (thanks Europe) and so they needed custom frames and/or matting. After having blank walls for about a year and a half I finally decided to spend the money. More importantly, perhaps, I figured out a way to unify all of my very different pieces of art. I chose all black frames of different styles. To make the unique pieces stand-out, I had custom mats made in colors according to the artwork. I saved BIG on the frames (thanks IKEA) and custom mats are very reasonable. Here is the finished product:

  • Covering the back of my bookshelf: I originally bought my large bookshelf to help divide my living space from my bedroom space. It has worked wonderfully for that. My only problem is that the back of the bookshelf, facing the bed, is unfinished press-board. Being that this is a part of my apartment few people see or ever notice I found an extremely low-budget solution. I covered the back of the bookshelf with black contact paper and then, using clear contact paper, posted black and white photos. You can find more details on the Projects page.

  • Sheer draping around my bed: This project required a trip to home depot – and a very helpful boyfriend. I used the instructions I found through Apartment Therapy’s website on “How To: Hang Curtains Across Any Space”. The curtains have made the space more separated from the rest of my apartment and have given the bedroom space a much warmer feeling.

And now on to attack the rest of my list….