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Looking for Inspiration

Yesterday was Day 3 of Apartment Therapy’s 20/20 Home Cure. Maxwell talks about looking for inspiration to help find your style and ideas for your own home. Definitely not a new idea on Fabulous in Four-Hundred Square Feet:


Wishful Wednesday

I am currently working on a redecorating project for my first client! I’m very excited.

For the living space, I have decided to give it somewhat of a safari feel. Here are some amazing rooms from ELLE Decor of “The Allure of Animal Print”.

All images courtesy of www.elledecor.com.

Redecorating My Living Room – Design Dissection: Step 3

Step 3 to redecorating my living room was to find design inspiration. Looking for inspiration to redecorate my living room was fun and extremely helpful.

As I mentioned earlier, sproost.com has a wonderful style engine to help in identifying your style. After completing sproost’s style engine, I identified my own style as a combination of “French Eclectic”, “Cottage Chic” and “Hollywood Couture” or what I have called French-Cottage-Couture.

Here are some examples of each design style:

An example of French Eclectic style from sproost.com

An example of Cottage Chic from sproost.com

An example of Hollywood Couture from sproost.com

Keeping this in mind, I was able to focus my search for other photos of spaces with elements that I like. Here are a few spaces that I wanted to pull from in my own living room redecoration:

From: David Jimenez

From: decor*pad

What did you find for your redecorating inspiration?

Wishful Wednesday

I’m a fan of dreaming big. I have a large stash of inspirational images of various spaces that I wish were mine. Here are a few of my dream living rooms:

From: Decorpad.com

From: Decorpad.com

From: Decorpad.com


Thanks to sproost’s fabulous style engine I have learned that my style is a combination of “Cottage Chic”, “French Eclectic”, and “Hollywood Couture”. Of the many images provided by sproost for each decorating style, here are my favorites from each category:

Example of Cottage Chic style from sproost.com

My favorite of the Cottage Chic images from sproost.com.

Example of French Eclectic style from sproost.com

My favorite of the French Eclectic images from sproost.com

Example of Hollywood Couture style from sproost.com

My favorite of the Hollywood Couture images from sproost.com

To make my perfect room from these three images, I would love to use the Hollywood Couture room as my start and add an accent chair similar to those in the French Eclectic room, and switch out the light fixture for the chandelier in the Cottage Chic room – Voila!

While I didn’t start my redecorating in exactly this way, this is very similar to what I have done with my ‘inspiration images’ – piecing together what I like best from various rooms to make a room that best shows my unique style.